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REVIEW: Carly Milroy’s PEE STICK

Charming take on a familiar tale

By Myron My

Annie has just pee’d on a stick – and now, locked in her bathroom, has 45-53 minutes to ponder if her life is about to completely change or not. Written and performed by Carly Milroy, Pee Stick is a humorous and playful cabaret at how we deal when things in life don’t go according to plan.

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Despite a story of a woman waiting to discover if she is pregnant or not having already been told in many ways, shapes and forms, what sets this show apart is Milroy’s decision to situate it in 1987. We are in a cute nostalgic world where there are no iPhones and the Internet, but floppy disks and CD-ROMS! It also helps in raising the stakes on the outcome of Annie’s pregnancy test, as the social stigma of a single mother in her 20s in that era is arguably far more significant than it is now.

Another great story device of Milroy’s is that we never know the identity of the person with whom she has had sex, nor the circumstances leading up to the encounter. He is barely even mentioned; it’s irrelevant. Instead, Annie contemplates how her life will change with a baby and how to ensure she is able to provide the best possible life for her child (which may include moving in with her mother).

While the thoughts and fears she has are justified and more grounded, it’s when we enter Annie’s imagination and meet a number of people in her life, that things get really interesting. Milroy does a great job in bringing to life the supporting characters in Pee Stick, but none of them are more enjoyable to watch than Annie’s mother. From the few times the character appears appears, Milroy is able to convey to the audience the exasperation that Annie feels towards her mother but also the struggles that the older woman has had to face. Despite the humour and over-the-top personality of the mother, Milroy ensures she feels real to us, as do the other minor roles.

The musical numbers are a great touch in the show, and simultaneously display the emotions of the characters that are singing the song and bring to light Annie’s own fears and insecurities. The simple choreography that accompanies some of these is big on laughs and reinforcing the fact that we are in the 80s, the decade of cheesy dance moves.

The set consists simply of a toilet right in the middle of the stage, and despite this minimal design, the small touches such as the floral toilet seat and the tilling around it led to a nicely authentic 80s feel. The subtle touches with the costuming, such as the glasses strap, further establish this environment. There was one occasion though, when Annie sits on a chair to the side of the stage and speaks to the audience. Had this taken place inside her head with one of the characters, I would have let it go, but during that dialogue, I found myself thinking: why is there a chair in her bathroom? While admittedly a small thing, it was a detail that pulls you out of the world that is otherwise so carefully being created on stage.

Because ultimately and admirably, Pee Stick works in emphasising the little things: not only in Annie’s story but also in its production values. By crafting her cabaret show in this way, it permits the big overall result to be quite solidly successful for Milroy and guarantees an enjoyable hour of laughs from the audience.

Pee Stick was performed at The Butterfly Club between 17 – 21 February.


This long weekend, how about celebrating with something a bit different?

Why not treat yourself to a fun night out with the girls for the return season of this hilarious show?!

Here’s what the lovely lady herself has to say about it…


Dear Mums,

My name is Lizzie Matjacic and I’d like to tell you about my cabaret show!  

It’s a fun look at the trials and tribulations of being a mum, right from pregnancy through to mothering a toddler and beyond – with some great show tunes thrown in!   I am a mum with a 4 year-old son and am about to do it all again in February with my second, so this is my personal story and something I am hoping you will enjoy and relate to as a mother’s group.   So, grab your girlfriends and a babysitter for the night and come and have a relaxed and fun night of entertainment with me!

Love, Lizzie xxx


From Here To Maternity is a funny and nostalgic look at the joys of motherhood – from pregnancy tests and parenting tips to teething toddlers and tipsy teddy bears…

Lizzie has learnt that Mother doesn’t always know best, but it can sometimes be fun finding out!

Mum’s the word!

Written and performed by Lizzie Matjacic
Accompanied by Adeline Han
Directed by Kim Edwards

Thur-Sat 7pm 29-31 Oct, Sun 6pm 1 Nov

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank St, South Melbourne

Tickets $22/17
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com
Enquiries: 03 9690 2000

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/event.php?eid=162777573072&index=1