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Review: AMY ABLER is Pianodivalicious

Piano-playing punch and pizzazz

By Christine Moffat

Amy Abler – the woman who can play the piano with every part of her body!

While this statement is titillating (and true!), it does not do justice to Amy Abler’s talent or sense of fun.  The audience entered the theatre, and Abler was already on stage playing.  Explaining she’d hired herself as the pre-show performer, she began chatting with the crowd.  Once we were all in, and ready to go, Abler discovered we were unprepared – no feathers!  It’s true, not one of us had thought to bring along a big, fluffy feather.  Luckily the Piano-Diva had spares.


This piano-confessional style show is old school, and ironically this makes for a refreshing change.  Abler is an accomplished pianist, and plays any style of music from classical to blues with passion and panache.  She reveals that for the better part of the last twelve years she has been a headline act on various cruise ships.  Happily, in the lovely intimate cabaret venue The Butterfly Club, not a hint of big-ship dinner theatre peeked through.

Abler’s stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always interesting.  Her piano playing is faultless, and more importantly, got the whole audience bobbing and swaying and subconsciously ‘emoting’ with their feathers.  This is a seasoned entertainer who has not forgotten how to entertain.

Abler is based in Chicago, but when this show (hopefully) returns to Melbourne, head along for a slice of truly universal fun.  Her audience rapport is wonderful, and the show’s retro style fits like a comfy (albeit heavily sequinned) shoe.  Lovely.

Show information:


Wednesday 20th March 2013

The Butterfly Club

Carson Place (just off Little Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD)




This long weekend, how about celebrating with something a bit different?

Why not treat yourself to a fun night out with the girls for the return season of this hilarious show?!

Here’s what the lovely lady herself has to say about it…


Dear Mums,

My name is Lizzie Matjacic and I’d like to tell you about my cabaret show!  

It’s a fun look at the trials and tribulations of being a mum, right from pregnancy through to mothering a toddler and beyond – with some great show tunes thrown in!   I am a mum with a 4 year-old son and am about to do it all again in February with my second, so this is my personal story and something I am hoping you will enjoy and relate to as a mother’s group.   So, grab your girlfriends and a babysitter for the night and come and have a relaxed and fun night of entertainment with me!

Love, Lizzie xxx


From Here To Maternity is a funny and nostalgic look at the joys of motherhood – from pregnancy tests and parenting tips to teething toddlers and tipsy teddy bears…

Lizzie has learnt that Mother doesn’t always know best, but it can sometimes be fun finding out!

Mum’s the word!

Written and performed by Lizzie Matjacic
Accompanied by Adeline Han
Directed by Kim Edwards

Thur-Sat 7pm 29-31 Oct, Sun 6pm 1 Nov

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank St, South Melbourne

Tickets $22/17
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com
Enquiries: 03 9690 2000

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/event.php?eid=162777573072&index=1