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REVIEW: FOLA at Arts House Presents GAME SHOW

What would you do for fame and prizes?

By Myron My

Game Show begins just like you’d imagine a real-world game show would. The studio audience (you) take their seat, are told what will be happening by the crowd-warmer, and receive a lesson on clapping (there’s always a lesson in clapping!) Then the crazy fun begins!

Tristan Meecham & Aphids  GAME SHOW at the Meat Marketas part of

Our host (Tristan Meecham) appears and charms us with his perfectly manicured hair and shiny white teeth. The 30 real contestants are introduced, and although I’m not aware of the process used to choose them, they did seem to cover the stereotypical game show contestants: the shy ones, the joyful older woman, the funny guy that tries to upstage the host, and so on. Through various games, the contestants are whittled down to one who must then face off with our flamboyant host in order to win a number of his very own possessions.

During this time, we are treated to the talents of two leotard-wearing acrobats (Jon Campos and Jon Allingham), a full choral performance by Jonathon Welch and THECHO!R, and The Bodyelectric Dancers on stage! It’s a show of epic spectacle that would make any commercial television network salivate.

Conceived by Meecham, Game Show looks at the superficial relationship between the contestants and the show in which they appear. Ultimately, game show contestants are revealed as not important, for they will do anything they are told in order to get their 15 seconds of fame. Indeed, we see this happen in numerous ridiculous games in Game Show including one where contestants jump and writhe around on the floor to get all their table tennis balls out of a small opening in a box that is attached to their body…

If I had one criticism about Game Show, it would be its length. Coming in at nearly two hours, I felt the pace lagged at times and I wanted things to move forward. It is evident why the final game was what it was, but it had no tension and even with the choir belting out a great tune, the finale felt like it went on far too long.

It would seem that for most people, going on a game show is their moment to shine and they will attempt anything they can to hold on to that. Game Show offers that experience but more importantly, offers a unique and satirical look at the competition, materialism and enduring desire to be a celebrity in the game show world.

Venue: Arts House, Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.

Season: Until 22 March | Sat 7:30pm,

Tickets: $25 Full | $20 Conc

Bookings: www.artshouse.com.au or 9322 3713