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Australia Tour 2016 of SINGING IN THE RAIN

A perfect storm of local talent

By Jessica Cornish

The beloved 1950s American musical comedy Singing In The Rain has seamlessly transitioned from the silver screen to Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre for 2016. Exploring the 1920’s Hollywood film industry’s shift from silent films to the talkies and the challenges a studio faces when one of their biggest draw cards have the voice and personality of a shrill creature from another world, the Gene Kelly hit now features a host of new local stars.

Singing in the Rain.jpg

With direction by Jonathan Church, choreography by Andrew Wright and musical direction by Adrian Kirk, this creative team have created a well-polished, colourful and picturesque Australian production of the great American classic. A strong ensemble with excellent diction, slick dance moves and a good energy contributed to the overall high-quality performances throughout the night.

Leading romantics were played by the well-seasoned Adam Garcia and Gretel Scarlett. Garcia fit the part well and seemed to naturally channel the 1920s heartthrob with suave charm, while appealing leading lady Ms Scarlett gave consistently strong vocal performances. Comedic relief was provided by the talented Erika Heynatz, who brilliantly portrayed the incredibly narcissistic and obnoxious beauty Lena Lamont. And last but not least, the 2008 So You Think You Can Dance competition winner Jack Chambers was a standout performer of the evening, consistently demonstrating vast stamina and charisma to make him the perfect sidekick as Cosmo Brown.

Highlight musical numbers included the classic vaudeville-themed song-and-tapdance number “Fit as a Fiddle”, the lyrical tongue-twister “Moses Supposes”, melodically catchy “Make ’em Laugh” and of course, “Singing in the Rain”. The staging of the highly anticipated theme song did not disappoint, replicating the iconic after-hour streets of Hollywood with a literal and spectacular down-pouring of rain soaking the stage and its inhabitants. I particularly enjoyed watching the cast members joyfully splashing in puddles and kicking water onto nearby audience members armed with plastic ponchos.

Singing in the Rain is a classic musical that captures all that is good about the world of traditional musical theatre and has been successfully presented to Australian audiences in a colourful, eye-catching and crisp-sounding production that will be residing in Melbourne until July.

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne

Price: Ranging from $71.00- $117.00.

Melbourne Season: Tuesday to Sunday until July 5.

Tickets: http://www.daintygroup.com/tour/singin-in-the-rain-aus/

Image by Jeff Busby


Give yourself over to absolute pleasure…

By Myron My

I will confess: I have never before seen The Rocky Horror Show on stage. Yes, shocking, I know. In fact, the only time I have even seen the film was three years ago at an outdoor cinema event. So I was filled with much antici…pation when attending the Melbourne opening night of this new production, celebrating 40 years of Richard O’Brien’s outrageous musical creation.

To cut to the chase; I simply loved this show. Everything about it is flawless and fun. From the performances to costumes to the sets and lighting and of course, the music: I just could not fault it.

Rocky Horror Show

Tim Maddren and Christie Whelan Browne are perfectly cast as newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet. They radiate naivety and innocence, their  singing ability throughout the show was highly impressive, and their interaction with each other is a joy to watch. In fact, every single person on stage clearly loves their characters, but none more so than Craig McLachlan as Frank-N-Furter. From his initial grand entrance in those trademark fishnets, he has everyone hanging on his every word and movement and makes every new crazy development feel like it’s the most memorable scene in this rock ‘n’ roll musical. McLachlan’s improvised moments with the full house on opening night were particularly hilarious and he even managed to break his fellow actors into unavoidable laughter on more than one occasion.

The musical numbers are a thrill to watch and you can’t help but fight the urge to get up to sing and dance along to the well-known classics such as ‘Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me’ and ‘The Time Warp’, the latter which allows Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff) to show off his brilliant vocal talents.

The costumes by Sue Blane and wigs by Darren Ware are – pardon the pun – out of this world. From the initial simple and modest costuming of Brad and Janet to the wondrously crazy outfits for Riff Raff and Magenta (beautifully played by Erika Heynatz), the creation of these gems showcases dynamic design and visual excitement.

There are many more flamboyant, funny and fantastical moments throughout The Rocky Horror Show that make the event special – but instead of listing them all here, I just encourage you to go and witness them yourself. It will be a strange journey indeed, but it will also be an unforgettable evening of dazzling fun.

Venue: Comedy Theatre, 240 Exhibition St, Melbourne
Season: Until 13 July | Tues – Sat 8:00pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 1.30pm and 5.30pm
Tickets: From $59.80 – $109.90
Bookings: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au