Review: Moments in Time

Melbourne Magic Festival presents Moments in Time

By Joana Simmons

Josh Staley is one magician to watch very closely. And even when you watch him closely, you will still be amazed how he does it. In his new show, Moments in Time, as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival, he wows audiences countless times with close up magic and feats that are incomprehensible. Wednesday night’s full house were gasping and cheering the whole way through as the young, unassuming magician made many memorable moments in time.

We were each given a deck of cards to shuffle before the show, which was just the beginning of a lot more audience involvement. His personal stories were peppered throughout the performance, loosely based around memorable moments. He created many unforgettable instances as he has his way with cards, sleight of hand and what I could only call, mind reading. There was so much tension and mystery, that when it was finally eased or revealed, it had me beaming and cheering.

The second half of the show just got better and better. Staley brought it to a climax when he was not only able to pick one card chosen from the deck by an audience member, but eight cards. This occurred even when people forgot their cards, he was always able to find the right one. The crowd cheered for more, and Staley delivered an encore which left us amazed.

The praise I have for Moments in Time outweighs the critique. However, I must mention I struggled to fully connect to Staley some of the time as he didn’t make much eye contact with the audience. This is something which could be seen as endearing and approachable, but if his stage presence were as strong as his magic, then he would be an unstoppable force. It’s difficult for one person to hold the attention of an audience for 50 minutes regardless of what they do, but with more variety along with his wonderful ease and improvised banter, Moments in Time, would be a powerful combination.

We say time is precious, and that we never have enough. Sometimes, we forget to be in the moment and see all the joy within each minute. Josh Staley reminds us of how one moment can spark a joyful memory to last a lifetime. This is a show that will give you something to remember, and for more than one moment, will have you believing in magic.

Moments in Times is being performed until 14 July at The Secret Room Collingwood. Tickets can be purchased online.  For the The Melbourne Magic Festival’s complete program take a look at their official website. Tickets are also available by calling the box office on 1800 710 499.