Guy Pearce Live: The Nomad

Guy Pearce launches second album

By Owen James

Guy Pearce is well known for his work on the silver screen: he is undeniably a cherished, locally grown talent. (Born in Geelong!) But how many people know that this household name has an incredible voice and writes powerful, original music?

For one night only, Guy Pearce launched his second album, The Nomad, surrounded by a group of very talented musicians at Arts Centre Melbourne. He peppered stories and conversation between most songs, often explaining the emotional history behind each tune. Guy Pearce is so comfortable onstage it relaxes every person in this room of hundreds, allowing every word of storytelling – spoken or musical – to find its truth.

If you’ve never heard it (and you should), Guy Pearce’s music and his unique, powerful voice remind me most of classic ‘70’s Bowie. Pearce’s music soars as if it’s flying – sometimes through a clear sky, and sometimes through heavy, grey clouds. He declares many times throughout that The Nomad was born out of heartache and despair, after his marriage ended in 2015 – and while most tunes are undoubtedly melancholy, Pearce’s raw joy in performing them for us is empowering and uplifting.

Pearce’s lyrics are an exploration of truth and humanity. He thrusts his whole heart into these songs as a true performer, but still carefully allows the lyrics space to breathe, giving us a chance to reflect on their meaning and our own interpretation.

The gorgeous set by Jacob Battista could have been straight out of Twin Peaks, and really created the comfortable atmosphere for the night. Dozens of lampshades were suspended above the stage, and when joined with armchairs, curtains, and a faux brick wall, the relaxed, conversational loungeroom atmosphere truly came to life.

Guy Pearce performed 8 July at Arts Centre Melbourne. His album The Nomad is available now on streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) and for purchase both digitally and in-store.