MICF presents My Comedy Festival Show

Wacky ideas and self-deprecating humour

By Leeor Adar 

Andy Balloch presents, as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, My Comedy Festival Show. Andy assures us this is not a comedy show, which if we are being honest, is not a comedy show.

Andy is funny, and Andy is self-deprecating. That’s what makes him such a relatable persona, particularly as the show’s content is largely concerned with insecurities. We all have those, right? Andy is no stranger to the stage, as one half of improv duo, ‘The Sparrow Men’, it’s hard to imagine Andy has any insecurities. Andy sure does, and most of the show is segmented by these insecurities, which he talks about with a painful earnestness that has us all transfixed – he absolutely commanded our attention. Nothing is quite as liberating and confronting than being seated a meter away from someone prepared to tell you their worst moments.

The rest of the show (the comedy of it) is more an interspersed montage of wacky ideas. Andy begins the show with a ‘choose your intro’, and quickly it’s established that Andy’s physical comedy is what wins the day, and certainly brings the most belly laughs. Admittedly, not all of the wacky ideas are the belly laugh varietal, and I found myself wanting more of the earnestness of his insecurities.

Andy’s act is worth seeing, but mostly for the connection that he builds with you as an audience. If Andy can connect his humour to his truths, that won’t necessarily deplete from the connection he makes with us. I hope he reboots this concept and gives us more of that self-deprecating humour we saw glimpses of.

My Comedy Festival Show plays at The Croft Institute until 9 April.  Tickets can be purchased online and by calling the box office on 03 9245 3788.