REVIEW: Fringe Festival’s GET LUCKY

Hard to swallow

By Myron My

In Get Lucky presented by the Grey Matter Collective and directed by Brendan Glanville, our protagonist Brien cannot keep an erection. As such, his girlfriend breaks up with him, leading Brien on a journey of self-discovery… except there isn’t much discovering to be done. In fact, I have to say there isn’t much here at all. The story is pretty hard to accept, and there no real depth to be found despite the play’s obvious efforts to look at sexuality and explore the idea of what it is to be a man.

Get Lucky

In terms of acting, Matt Peacock is the strongest by far as the awkward and unsure Brien. The rest of the cast work well with the material given, but I feel they have very little to do other than play out the stereotypes they have been given.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much consistency in either the writing or the development of the characters. At one point, the female character played by Tara Jade is angry with Brien for lying to her about his knowledge of a pretty serious incident at a nightclub, yet a few minutes later she states that she will go out with him because he is the first man to be ‘honest’ with her!

The sexuality aspect in Get Lucky also comes across quite flippantly and without any conviction. Brien has a bit of a wrestle with a fellow gym member and suddenly has an erection and assumes he’s gay. This leads him to having a less-than-memorable experience with a man, and just like that he is straight again. What’s even worse is the way that a female character’s sexual assault at a nightclub is handled. I can see what the writers were trying to accomplish by showing these narratives, but it was misguided and unsuccessful, and made me feel extremely frustrated as an audience member.

Get Lucky really sounded promising on paper, but unfortunately there is more than just performance anxiety preventing this show from taking off.

Venue: Revolt, 12 Elizabeth St, Kensington

Season: Until 4 October | 7:00pm

Tickets: $25 Full | $19 Conc