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MICF 2016: Tanyalee Davis in ACTUAL SIZE

Frankly fun and funny

By Margaret Wieringa

The stereo is pumping Justin Timberlake, and Tanyalee Davis is already on the stage as the audience wander in to the Upstairs Lounge at Little Sista in Little Collins St. She sits, bopping away to the tunes and greeting people as they come in, encouraging people to sit right down the front – something many comedy audiences avoid like the plague. Instead, Davis quickly engages the audience, and from the moment we arrive, we feel welcome.

Actual Size.jpeg

Davis is an observational comedienne, and hence much of her show is about her everyday life, but she comes to it from a different perspective. See, Tanyalee Davis is a short-statured woman, so as the punning title of her show Actual Size suggests, much of her material deals with life as a little person (the politically correct term in America, we informed, while Britain uses person of restricted growth – though I also prefer Australia’s person of small stature).

So in her job as a performer Davis has had the opportunity to travel the world, and tells of adventures like swimming with manatees and dolphins  – and how hilarious situations ensue from doing so with her stature (ever wondered if large bottoms cause people to sink or float? Davis will give you the hysterical story to prove the theory!)

Unfortunately, I don’t think 6:30 is the best slot for her, only because she likes to work a little blue, and I think that there were members in the audience who either didn’t get her winks and nudges, or possibly just didn’t like them. I would have loved to see her play a later spot and really let herself go. 

Actual Size is on for the next week, playing through to the end of the Comedy Festival. Grab a beer at the bar downstairs and then head up for a real fun show.

Where:  The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista, 240 Little Collins St

When: Tues – Sun 6:30 March 24 – April 17

Tickets: http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/actual-size-tanyalee-davis