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Jenny Wynters is FULLY MADE UP

Comedy cabaret off the cuff and on a roll

By Jessica Cornish

Welcome to a twilight zone: saddle up and grab your favourite flaccid, furry, stretchy squid for one hour of random and ridiculous improvised musical comedy. Fully Made Up is an improvised cabaret performance entirely based on suggestions written from audience members prior to the show.

Fully Made Up.jpeg

The cabaret presumably follows the same core story every performance in following the life of a mystery lady (in our performance she was known as Glenda from Toowoomba), covered in red plastic diamantes and flowing grey curls, living in a yet-to-be-determined location, and on a quest to secure a lead role on Broadway. After many trials and tribulations our leading lady of the evening scores her long-awaited dream job, only to find it’s not all she imagined it would be…

The evening began with a disclaimer from the talented and animated pianist Greg Munrow purported to lower our expectations: but of course unnecessarily so. Veteran comedian Jenny Wynter’s continuous quick wit was able to transform abstract themes and suggestions adroitly into a discernable and hilarious narrative.

The cabaret also featured guest artists: Pasquale played the part of the Glenda’s daughter performing poetry, but unfortunately the duo were not successful in conjuring up some witty words and rhymes under the pressure of our particular evening’s performance. However, Wynter’s male guest Rik Brown featured in one song and here the impro worked like a charm, as the pair were able to skillfully and spontaneously create a one-hit wonder song ‘Bring It On’ which had the audience in hysterics.

Fully Made Up was incredibly funny and Wynter continued to weave in reference material mentioned earlier in the evening to tie the performance satisfyingly together. It was impossible not to be drawn in as we waited to see if the next suggestion from the up-turned black hat would in fact be ours!

I laughed all night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold drizzly night In Melbourne, so grab your ticket before Fully Made Up is packed up for this season.

When: Wednesday 5th of July- Sunday 9th of July, 8:30pm every night!

Where: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, CBD

Cost:$28 (concession) and $32 (full)

Bookings: 03 9663 8107 or https://thebutterflyclub.com/shows or at the Box Office.

Impro Melbourne Presents GRAND THEFT IMPRO

It would be a crime to miss it

By Joana Simmons

After a sold-out season at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Impro Melbourne’s encore season of Grand Theft Impro is speeding full throttle to deliver fast paced improvisational goodness. Procuring ten titles from the audience, the five players deliver scenes, songs, and storytelling over the 50-minute show, resulting in hundreds of laughs.

Grand Theft Impro.jpg

The cast write the ten audience suggestions on ten cards and hang them at the back of the stage. Titles for the evening I attended included “I love my chicken” “Where’s my kale” “Sauerkraut and chips” “Such is life when you are a stuffed racoon” and “Chaffing.” At the end of each scene, it is put to the audience to vote whether the scene is complete, or a fail. If the result is the latter, the players must redo the scene, until the audience gives it the thumbs up. The quick witted cast – comprised of Rik Brown, Jenny Lovell, Patrick Duffy, Mike Bryant and special guest from Sydney Steve Kimmens and accompanied by Ian White on the keyboard- worked together to present an array of scenes, contexts and characters. The innovation and skill level is very high, with the cast using multiple improvisational tools and snappy callbacks to create captivating and cackle-worthy entertainment.

I was very impressed with how quickly the players were able to flesh out scenes by giving elaborate detail to their scene partner, setting the story early, and raising the stakes to dramatic proportions. It’s these things that give us the audience something substantial to chew on and split our sides over. Some of the scene endings and transitions were naturally a little clunky, as the tech and music are also improvised; that being said, the cast did recover well and redeemed any false starts or endings with a smart one-liner. For a show with such strong structure impro-scene-wise, it is noticeable when the song structure is not as strong. I would have loved to hear a verse-chorus-verse-chorus song with a consistent rhyme scheme; which is notoriously difficult to do – but if anyone can, it’s this dynamic crew.

Warm up your winter with a hot whisky, a pub meal and all the hilarity being dished up at the Court House Hotel every Saturday till August 27th. Tonight’s show finished with a dazzling musical journey titled “Misery and Mermaid Tails”: t’was a fantastic finale that left me feeling warm inside. Every night is different, so catch one or catch them all; you won’t be disappointed.

Show Dates

Saturday nights, 8–9pm May 28th,- August 27th


The Court House Hotel
86-90 Errol Street
North Melbourne, VIC 3051


$15 online, $20 at the door. Show only.
Book online via Ticketmaster