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ANA-LUCIA AND THE BARON: Episode One (Again!)

Our favourite French glamour girl and con-woman extraordinaire is wrecking havoc and hilarity at The Butterfly Club once again!

Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to Ana-Lucia’s return season Welcome Home Party (after sell-out audiences gate-crashed zee last one). It’s at The Butterfly Club, every night from Thurs 24 at 7pm to Sunday 27 March at 6pm, for an outrageous evening of fun, frolics and intrigue – wiz me! 

You see, friends – I ‘ave lost my memory, but I do know I am being  ‘unted down by zee Evil Baron – oo may or may not be my one true, mon amour love – just because of some silly diamonds zat I am sure I ‘ave  certainly and absolutely NOT stolen from ‘im….

Alas, mes amis, I can’t remember oo you all are, or more importantly oo I am – but ‘opefully with your ‘elp I, Ana-Lucia, can unravel my mysterious and fabulous past…!

‘Zis one will be… ‘ow you say?? … a ‘oot!’

RSVP YES to The Butterfly Club!

You should never say no to a lady, ladies and gentlemen (especially when she has a gun…) So lock up your diamonds, pack up your pistols, and get down to The Butterfly Club THIS WEEK for the most sparkling and sensational Parisian party of the season!

Written by Lisa Nightingale
Directed by Kim Edwards
Accompanied by Trevor Jones as the enigmatic Juan Pablo…
Ticket price: $22 full / $19 concession, $18 for groups of 8 or more
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com

(Pst! See Episode One NOW because it is already selling out, and rumour has it that Episode Two – and the Baron – are not far away…!)

Laughter is the Best Pseudo-Science: HAPPINESS 101

Throw your cares away – Mel Trickey’s quirky new cabaret will show you how!

Opening next week, Happiness 101 is a cabaret about the ploys for joy, the measures for pleasure, and practising what you preach. Warning, though: laughter is contagious…

Professor Geraldine Gravis has turned her incredible intellect to a systematic, scientific and scintillatingly thorough study of the concept of ‘happiness’. Could the surprising outcome of tonight’s presentation lead her to rethink her life’s work…?

For Mel Trickey, the transition from award-winning music theatre performance and production to cabaret has been a natural progression: after introducing the world to Happiness 101 in a short but hilarious preview piece last year, Mel created her unexpected alter-ego and developed the performance into a full-length cabaret show.

Suppressing her own colourful and bubbly personality to bring the character of the ostensibly severe Professor to life has proved a challenge (and a surprise to all her friends!), but Mel’s singing, dancing, choregraphy and production talents are all being showcased in this fun and funny show.

With cabaret songs that will wreck some happy havoc with music theatre favourites such as Hairspray, Chicago and Legally Blonde, Happiness 101 will leave you with a song in your heart and a smile on your face.   Just ask the Professor herself!


24-27 Feb, 7pm Thurs-Sat, 6pm Sun

The Butterfly Club

 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne

Tix: $22/$18

Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com

On Facebook: Happiness 101


Happiness 101: Laughter is the Best Pseudo-Science

Written and Performed by Melissa Trickey

Directed by Kim Edwards

Accompanied by Rowland Braché

REVIEW: EastEnd Cabaret

“Discovered in a bedsit over a gin-joint in London…”

While Victor Victoria hugs his/her piano accordian lovingly and begins to play another darkly funny pop song-cum-polka, the luscious Bernadette Byrne flutters her outrageous eyelashes at us, concedes to put down the gin, and unleashes her wonderful voice in chanteuse parody.  

EastEnd Cabaret is what two Aussie artists have brought back from a performing sejourn in London, and while the opening night show was a little haphazard and uneven in places, the two characters demonstrated impressive musicanship and delicious comic potential.

Photo courtesy of Laura Oliver

Jennifer Bryne‘s immersion into her alter-ego as bawdy Russian femme fatale is beguiling: her repartee with the audience and improvised witticisms are excellent, and her voice has a lovely mix of rich warmth and brash character sound to keep her blackly comedic songs in real cabaret style.   As her androgenous multi-intrumentalist, Vicky Falconer-Prichard‘s Victor Victoria is a talented musician and a funny man-lady in her own right, though her delivery is often too low and apologetic for all the audience to appreciate the cutsy comic one-liners.

While there is some taut, clever writing in places, the real strength of the show lies in the reworked songs: Madonna, Right Said Fred and Devo make for sensational neo-cabaret fodder, and the satirical rewrites and arrangements were hilarious.   The opening night audience adored recognising the introductory riffs, but the suggestive proved more popular than the blatant when they were more reserved about the original songs where the broad ribald humour tended to only get nervous laughs.

A few elements were not entirely successful: the ‘divide and conquer’ approach to audience interaction where the characters regularly began separate conversations or spoke over each other’s songs served to distract and pull focus rather than complement the other’s comedy and performance, while a more deadpan style of humour from Victor would perhaps be a better foil to Bernie’s energy and animation.   The pseudo-communist interludes felt clumsy: some context or preamble in introducing them and flagging their connection to the characters and relevance to the show would also have been worthwhile.

Photo courtesy of Laura Oliver

Nonetheless, EastEnd Cabaret will clearly continue to flourish and evolve,  the mis-matched characters are adapt at exploring the shadowy regions of creepy, comic and cute, and hopefully these two very talented artists will become regulars in the Melbourne cabaret scene where their edgy eccentric style is in the process of becoming just what our audiences love.

Venue: The Butterfly Club
Dates: 10th – 13th February, 2011
Tickets: $27/ $24 (con)
Times: Thurs – Sat: 9pm, Sun: 8pm
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com