Review: Don’t Judge Me!

Undoubtedly entertaining comedy cabaret

By Samuel Barson

Tom Casamento is the friend you always wanted. Being honest, funny and talented, he’s the guy you know would be a blast at parties, but you would also be hesitant to introduce him to your mother (in case she likes him more than you). His show, Don’t Judge Me! is a one-man comedy cabaret that attempts to dissect the social concept of judgment, especially the judgment of those we don’t know. He sings, acts and dances his way through a variety of stories, experiences and observations from his life that present to us a myriad of familiar characters, situations and moral struggles.

He is undoubtedly entertaining, and his charisma and unique understanding of the world lead the audience to root for him all the way. It’s unfortunate however that a bulk of the writing struggles to match up with what Tom promises to be the premise of the show. He has to work really hard to connect the observations he makes with the concept of judgment. What is impressive though is his ability to sing and act alone for 50 minutes straight, which takes some serious talent and dedication.

His inclusion of a coat rack to hold various costume pieces was clever as it allowed him to transform into several different characters. And his ability to hold character and improvise when a technical issue delayed the show was admirable.

Tom Casamento is clearly a talented and passionate performer, who with a cleaner idea of what he wants to achieve, as well as the inclusion of tighter script, will be a driving force in the Melbourne theatre scene.

Don’t Judge Me! is being performed at the Butterfly Club 14 – 17 November. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the box office on 03 9663 8107.