Review: Tinder Tales

New Australian musical impresses and woos 

By Samuel Barson

“Dick is dick” in Tinder Tales is the equivalent of Hamlet’s “to be or not to be”. It is equally as memorable, but perhaps slightly raunchier and a little more gratifying than Shakespeare’s work (in this circumstance at least). This line represents modern romance in all its paradoxical nature – symbolising the love lives of today’s youth as so much simpler than before, yet horrifyingly more complex.

Tinder Tales shows audiences this paradox through the eyes of Abby (played beautifully by Eadie Testro-Girasole), as she navigates the use of Tinder, the modern dating app we have all come to know so well. She is after the perfect match. Who she finds soon enough, in Evan (played ever so charismatically by Tom New). But not soon after Abby and Evan’s first date we (and they) realise that they are perhaps not so perfect for each other after all. Abby quickly finds herself struggling with her own self-worth, as well as holding on to the idea of ‘the perfect match’ she has worked so tirelessly to find.

The entire cast present the highs, lows, laughs and tears of modern romance with gorgeous energy and humour. Anna Wilshire and Callum Warrender were particularly entertaining, both bringing a unique stage presence that made it hard to keep your eyes off them, even when they weren’t centre stage.

The music was sharp and succinct, with clever and relatable lyrics (props to writer Mattie Mcleod and composer and musical director Thomas Bradford). Perhaps so much so that scenes were at times disappointing when the cast weren’t singing and dancing. Rachael McLean’s design was homely and familiar, which worked terrifically well considering how familiar the characters inhabiting the space were themselves.

Tinder Tales is an impressive new Australian musical, with a myriad of characters and situations you will undoubtedly recognise, regardless of your dating app use or relationship status.

Tinder Tales is being performed 24 – 28 October at Chapel Off Chapel. Tickets can be purchased online and by calling the box office on 03 8290 7000.

Photograph: supplied