Review: Club Provocaré

Alive and seductive cabaret complete with original acts

By Ciara Thorburn

Enter, David Williamson Theatre, enter darkroom, enter a packed yet cosy and sexy bar. Enter, Club Provocaré. The impeccable Queen of Kink, Bernie Dieter presents a killer line-up of world class acts and a delectable selection of some of Melbourne’s best performers. With favourites including Karen from Finance’s skilled and hilarious lip-synch drag and the stunning choreography in Laurie Hagan’s (Club Swizzle, Vegas Nocturne) reverse Burlesque act – this show is unmissable. Though it’s too little, too late as the entire season of Provocaré has already sold out.

With musical prowess and racy charisma, host and MC Bernie Dieter commands the stage and the audience, with her guests wrapped around her finger (and her velvet sequined unitard) from the outset. She gently caresses her audience into submission, coaxing them to divulge their fantasies and embrace their desires as she introduces each new act. The rawness of this show only added to it’s realness, with a few technical malfunctions taken in the stride of these seasoned professionals. This show is an excellent fusion of genres (drag, burlesque, circus, musical theatre) within a cabaret format, lucky to be seen and flawlessly presented by Chapel Street’s Provocaré Festival.

The facetious and charismatic attitudes of these strong female characters who dominate the production are empowering and seductive. Highlights of the show include the cultural delight Yusura – a master fetish geisha – who ventures into kink as she pours searing hot wax over her extravagantly tattooed body. Yusura leaves the audience in a sense of titillating torment.

Unique, provocative and complete with original acts performed by unparalleled performers, Club Provocaré is a spectacle of Australia’s best talent. Next year, make sure you get your tickets early.

Club Provocaré is being performed 5 – 15 July at the David Williamson Theatre. For more information about Provocaré Winter Festival 2018, take a look at their official website.