Woman – It’s A Mother of A Cabaret

WomanIt’s A Mother of A Cabaret proves even a busy mother of two can fulfil their dreams

By Owen James

The role of women in society and the role of motherhood is explored in a smooth combination of music and text in Woman – It’s A Mother of A Cabaret.

As we descend the stairs into the basement room of The Butterfly Club, everything necessary for a quality hour of storytelling is awaiting. A piano, a microphone, and a few props fill the small stage, and as the lights go down, Jodie Stubbs emerges and treats us to her own personal brand of humour and cabaret. Stubbs’ performance is amusingly archaic, as she attempts to recount the history of equality and discrimination against women throughout history, all the while being plagued by the struggle of the modern mother – calls from a worried babysitter interrupt.

Jodie Stubbs has a truly divine voice that conquers every genre and style she attempts. Many of the most beautiful moments of the show come from slow, building ballads such as ‘Life Story’, where stillness is mesmerising. Stubbs’ voice can be equally as rousing in many of the upbeat numbers, including a comical, country-esque cover of ‘Material Girl’.

Co-written by Tyran Parke and Jodie Stubbs, the script is both humorous and personal, brushing the surface of deeper socio-political tension but focusing on the story close at hand: a woman just keeping her life together by indulging her dreams and talent. Through Parke’s script, Stubbs is able to construct a portrait of mounting personal strain bubbling beneath a fragile surface, demonstrating her ability as a confident and comfortable performer.

Onstage pianist David Butler is a maestro extraordinaire. Moving with every subtle fluctuation of Jodie’s voice, the consummate professionalism of his skilful accompaniment shines in every song. Indeed, many of the best comedic moments in the show come from David’s shy interjections or brief moments in the spotlight.

Although the show never quite focuses on a single moment for long enough, it doesn’t need to. Like a collection of unravelling thoughts brewing in a pressure cooker, Woman – It’s A Mother of A Cabaret declares loud and proud that anyone – even a busy mother of two – can fulfil their dreams.

Woman – It’s A Mother of A Cabaret is being performed at the Butterfly Club 9 – 14 July. Tickets can be purchased online and by calling the box office on (03) 9663 8107.