Provocaré Festival Presents THIS BOY’S IN LOVE

And so are we

By Myron My

Ado is looking for love. He’s 35 years old, and working as a casual drama teacher contending with obnoxious teenagers and work frustrations. And then along comes Felix. Presented as part of Provocaré Festival, This Boy’s In Love is a sweet and endearing cabaret about falling in love and not letting fear stuff it up.

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The show opens with Ado (Adriano Cappelletta) preparing for a first date, full of nervous excitement as he tries on various outfits. This montage both allows Cappelletta to highlight his clowning abilities (having trained at the famous Gaulier clown school), and establishes his story is driven by heart. It is this last point that really makes his show stand out from others that also have an affable protagonist unlucky in the world of romance. Ado has such an adorable heartfelt quality to him (as with Cappelletta), that it is not surprising just how quickly and unexpectedly we become invested in his quest for love.

Cappelletta plays all the characters in his story and his quick transformations between each may only utilise subtle changes in body language and voice, but they are also very distinct. The conversations between Ado and Felix are perfectly timed, and the way he (and he) reacts physically and emotionally to what is being said is so well-executed it begins to feel like there are actually two people on stage.

The original songs in This Boy’s In Love are lyrically engaging and funny and delve further into exploring Ado’s desires and feelings, with “Zomgay” being a perfect example of this: a retort to the gay men who spend all their time at the gym or beach, and going on drug binges every weekend. Apart from possessing a great voice, Cappelletta also has some slick moves that he displays during his drug-infused dance sequence at a Sydney gay nightclub, with simple lighting design used effectively also during these scenes.

According to Ado, a gay reaches his use-by-date at the age of 35. I may have a year to go before this happens to me, but you only have a week left to see this brilliantly charming show. This Boy’s In Love is a big gay love story with plenty of laughs and a whole lot of heart.

Venue: The MC Showroom, Level 1, 46 Clifton St. Prahran
Season: until 29 July | Tue – Sat 6:30pm, Sat 2:30pm
Tickets:From $24
Provocaré Festival

Image by Karen Lowe