The Butterfly Club Presents THE ROAD TO STOCKHOLM

Riotous funny Euro-revision

By Narelle Wood

It is on my bucket list to go to Eurovision just once in my life. Until that happens, I’m very much content to see satirised cabaret versions, especially if they are the quality of The Road to Stockholm.

The Road to Stockholm.jpg

This show has all the drama, glitz and glamour that Eurovision is known for, with some added bonuses such as some international intrigue, and some subtle, at least in comparison to the dance moves, political and social commentary. Boris (Matthew Hadgraft) is a Russian singer, recently separated from his very popular boy-band and hell-bent on becoming an international superstar. Lenka (Jessica Papst) is a Ukrainian YouTube star with a passion for Roxette, and Boris. Boris is so naïve, trusting and overconfident that it’s an endearing recipe for disaster. And Lenka’s desperation for everyone to like her makes her the perfect target for heartbreak. With the help of Boris’s manager, her hairdresser and Lenka’s best friend, this unlikely duo are set to become the first ever bi-country entrants into Eurovision.

There is so much to love about this show. The soundtrack is tragically fantastic with a number of Roxette songs, and featuring the likes of Madonna, Gina G, and a number of originals all sung with ‘authentic’ Russian and Ukrainian accents. Behind all the over choreographed and over danced dance moves, is a spy backstory and a disgruntled child performer out for revenge by taking advantage of Russian/Ukranian relationships, Russian prejudices and Eurovision fans. The result is a high body count and a Eurovision farce. The high drama works and both Hadgraft and Papst are brilliant. The humour is outrageous and self-deprecating and it’s full of great one-liners that are laugh-out-loud funny. While it is based on Eurovision, it doesn’t rely on it so you don’t need to be au fait with Eurovision to find this absurd storyline amusing. That being said, if you were playing the Eurovision drinking game during the show, you’d be very close to having your stomach pumped; the only things missing were wind machines and fire-works.

The Road to Stockholm is a genuinely good time; I laughed the whole way through. Whether you’re a Eurovision neophyte or dedicated fan, or even if you’re interested in what a sassy Ukrainian accent might sound like, this is definitely worth checking out. 

Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place, Melbourne

Season: Until 11th December 7pm, Friday 6pm

Tickets: Full $32| Conc $28