Delightfully and darkly bewitching

By Bradley Storer

The ‘witchy woman’ of the Western suburbs gathering ingredients for her potions under the scrutiny of her perplexed neighbours – song-writer Benn Bennett uses this opening image as our gateway to explore ideas of modern witchcraft in relation to the role of women in society.

Occasional Suburban Witch.jpg

Bennett is a charming and charismatic host for the evening as he guides us through the combination of original songs and occasional cover to celebrate femininity and the wisdom of women. His topics range from the previously mentioned ‘suburban witch’, his inability to ever be a ‘nonna’ to dream-like love songs involving orange trees (it makes sense in context).

Sarah Ward provides backing vocals for Bennett as well as taking lead during several songs, her huge range shown off in a Balkan gypsy-esque vocalese that segues into a dramatic rendition of the Stevie Nicks classic ‘Rhiannon’. Ward comes close to stealing the entire show with her hilarious background moments of physical comedy, making it hard to take your eye off her even when silent. Bec Matthews in addition to providing backing vocals is virtuosic in her drumming ability, using brooms all the way to kitchen implements to create percussive backings for Bennett’s music.

For those with a taste for the occult mixed with a dash of feminism, Occasional Suburban Witch is a dark delight that begs to be devoured!

Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place (off Lt Collins St)

Time: 7pm

Dates: 16th – 20th November

Bookings: or at the door.

Price: Full $32, Concession $28, Members $26, Group (6+) $25