Take a spin with this disarming and charming comic

By Joana Simmons

John Dore’s conversational observational comedy show, Revolving Dore, is a-dore-able. This seasoned comic (who headlined in the Perth and Melbourne Fringe Festivals and was a finalist in RAW Comedy and Green Faces and written for and starred in Channel 31’s Live On Bowen) observes the mundane humdrum of daily life and spins it into side-splitting stories and sentiments.

Revolving Dore

For an hour, John takes the audience out of the brisk Melbourne evening and under his arm – he is so relaxed and relatable you want to be friends with him, and since his endearing honesty and hilarious charm make you laugh your pants off you think a bit about being a “more than friends” with him too. Covering content from work stories to sick days, dinner parties to mouse traps, and David Attenbrough to red backs, Dore’s well thought-out segues make the show seamless.

His comedic dexterity is multi-dimensional. There’s moments of physical comedy, where his facial expression and long limbs paint pictures words can’t. A simple use of the microphone for a very specific sound effect you just have to be there to appreciate, and comedic timing and callbacks that just hit the nail on the head. He doesn’t take the easy route to laughs by covering run-of-the-mill content or picking on an audience member or using swearing as a punch line – rather, he shines his own unique light on things we can all relate to, and makes them hilarious and effortless.

Do yourselves a favour and get down to The Butterfly Club, get yourself a mulled wine, and get ready for this comedy treat. See John Dore now so you can say you saw him before he was big, because he’s going to be. I mean, with talent like his he’s more than halfway there, so support the industry, tell your friends, and make sure he gets his foot in the dore.

Show Details: Revolving Dore

Dates: 18th – 22nd of May

Time: 7pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne