Charming, clever and well-crafted cabaret

By Narelle Wood

When I Grow Up is a truthfully whimsical trip down memory lane when adulthood seemed so simple and anything was possible. Anne Gasko, in her one-woman cabaret show, asks all the important questions about what growing up really means and if being an adult means giving up on the dream of owning a unicorn.

When I Grow Up.jpg

Through the combination of song and stand-up Gasko begins with her young and impressionable childhood where eating sprinkles for every meal was an acceptable dream and making friends was as simple as identifying one, potentially tenuous, similarity. Gasko contrasts this with the awkwardness and self-consciousness of making friends as an adult. This is just the beginning of stories of growing up and the harsh realities of grocery shopping, paying bills and growing boobs, and the effects of watching too much Disney on your relationships.

Gasko’s performance is both endearing and edgy; her comedy starts in seeming innocence but as the performance continues, it becomes increasingly more adult and a little bit angsty. The combination works, and much like growing up you come out the other side relatively unscathed at the humorous reminiscing. The song component of the cabaret are well selected, reworded, and just as well performed: Gasko’s rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was captivating. The only disappointment was that the show didn’t seem to go for long enough and I left wanting more. All of Gasko’s humour hit the mark and it was easy to identify with her observational comedy.

While Gasko does lament the difficulty of making friends with the cool crowd, everything about her performance oozes cool. This a short but sweet way to spend some time having a chuckle at the naivety of childhood and the difficult, but mostly awesome journey, into adulthood.

Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place
Season: 7pm until 29th November
Tickets: Full $32 | Conc $28