REVIEW: David Stewart in AZURE

An intriguing show is growing

By Jessica Cornish

Magician, mentalist, spiritualist and psychologist David Stewart swung by The Butterfly Club last night to perform his one-hour show Azure to an eager audience in a sold-out venue.


Number tricks were hot on tap, with Stewart showing off his incredible ability to rapidly and precisely manipulate numbers and patterns to boggle the minds of onlookers. Even more impressively, or should I say psychically, he could pluck out random audience members, allow free choice to ensue, and then accurately reveal their thoughts – even naming an unspoken word sent telepathically between a couple celebrating their two-year anniversary.

The show relied heavily on this audience participation, mostly in the form of providing double-digit numbers for random allocation of participants (although it quickly and amusingly became apparent that evening’s clientele at The Butterfly Club were not strongly trained in the art of basic arithmetic and spontaneously conjuring up double-digit numbers was in fact too difficult for some, providing answers like ‘four and four,’ rather than forty-four!)

The show is highly enjoyable and has great potential, and there is no denying Stewart is a capable and entertaining performer. However it seems the show is still developing, and as he tours across Australia and beyond, Azure will continue to benefit as Stewart gains in confidence and ease in his showmanship skills, which will come with more time and experience. Additionally, the performance could have been improved technically by adding audio cues (which could be as simple as incorporating more background music into the performance to break the sometimes awkward silences), and further enhanced by utilising different lighting states where possible to add more dramatic atmosphere. I already believe this show will go from strength to strength, and even in this early evolving stage is utterly fascinating to watch.

Azure is therefore an hour definitely well-spent, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance last night. The crowd were actively engaged and eagerly participating all night in the web of intrigue weaved by this British mentalist, David Stewart. I would definitely recommended popping in to The Butterfly Club tonight for Stewart’s last performance in Melbourne, starting at 7pm ($34.00 adult, $28.00 concession), just make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.