REVIEW: Aunty Donna

Sketches of comedic truth

By Narelle Wood

It was clear while lining up for this show that I didn’t really fit into the normal demographic of Aunty Donna’s target audience. So it was with a little trepidation that I went to what this show.


The comedy trio of Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane that is Aunty Donna provide a series of comedy sketches, which while all separate sketches do strangely come together in the end with the help of their nemesis comedy group the Bubble Bath Boys. Many of the funniest sketches are based on comedic truths, such as standing in queues, misreading situations and playing ball in the quadrangle.

The combination of music, dialogue and dance makes for a very energetic show that smoothly transitions from one sketch to the next. The comedic timing is perfect and while the show heads towards some ‘smutty’ comedy, it approaches the line but for me it never crossed it. This means the show is funny without being cringe worthy, and that I was happy to forgive being hit in the face with water.

Aunty Donna clearly has a following and I now understand why; there is something reminiscent of DAAS in their sketch comedy performance. While there are plenty of shows to select from in the Comedy Festival, but if sketch comedy is what makes you laugh most, make sure you catch Aunty Donna.

Venue: The Cube, ACMI, Federation Square

Season: 9.45pm until 19th April (Sundays 8.45pm), no show Mondays

Tickets: $27 Full | $22 Conc