REVIEW: Global Creatures presents WALKING WITH DINOSAURS

A Spectacular Journey

By Narelle Wood

I’m not sure who was more excited to see Walking with Dinosaurs; my two-year-old nephew or myself. Before the show even started it was clear from the set that the staging and effects were going to be something spectacular and the show did not disappoint.


Walking with Dinosaurs is a trip back in time when dinosaurs dominated and the world was known as Pangaea. The journey is narrated by Palaeontologist, Dr. Huxley (Andrew Blackman). Huxley introduces the dinosaurs and also explains the changes in the Earth’s landscape and how it affected the dinosaurs. I really appreciated the scientific explanations and walked out having learnt lots of new things about the evolution of the world.

The stars of the show are most certainly the dinosaurs, which are awe inspiring. Puppeteers inside the dinosaur control the smaller dinosaurs such as the Utah Raptors. At first glance these dinosaurs look adorable, but the movement is eerily lifelike and their behaviour is clearly menacing. We also met some ‘good’ dinosaurs, herbivores like the gigantic Brachiosaurus, whose sheer size seemed to consume Hisense Arena.

The dinosaurs are exceptionally impressive but so are the other elements that are subtle in comparison to the dinosaurs yet work together to make the show. The musical soundtrack is reminiscent of Jurassic Park and provides a perfect background to all the sounds and roars that you would expect to hear in the Crustaceous and Jurassic periods. The soundtrack is loud and the dinosaur’s roars are even louder and some of the little people sitting around me were a little scared. The backdrops and lighting are used to reflect the changes in the world’s atmosphere and provide really interesting transitions to new scenes.

Walking with Dinosaurs was an arena spectacular; this is one of the most incredible things I have seen. Despite some scary moments, my nephew was still roaring after we left and hands down the mummy dinosaur, the terrifying T-Rex was his favourite dinosaur of the night. For any dinosaur lover, young or old, this is not to be missed.


Venue: Hisense Arena

Season: 27th March 7pm, 28th March 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 29th March 11am, 3pm

Tickets: From $45