Modern-day magic with old-fashioned charm

By Jessica Cornish

A century and a half ago, séances, Ouija boards and magic tricks were all the rage – however, these days, entertainment usually comes in a slightly less mystical form than Impossible Occurrences.

Melbourne-born-and-based magician Luke Hocking brings us a glimpse of classic on-stage entertainment pre-television and internet. Dressed sharply in a traditional tuxedo, Luke performs a mix of magic standards and well-executed sleight-of-hand tricks as he conjures up the seemingly impossible in his sixty-minute performance.

Impossible Occurrences

Impossible Occurrences relied solely on the deft showmanship and award-winning skill of Luke, with lighting design and professional audio non-existent. In a venue seating a mere 45 people a night, this intimate performance is definitely a nice change from the usual theatrical night out where production values are sometimes better than the talent they are meant to be supporting.

The only issue with this venue choice is that because there is neither raked seating nor a raised stage area, it was sometimes difficult to see clearly the illusions unfolding. Luke did his best to ensure tricks were performed at an elevated level; however, a small rostrum would probably help those who are in the third row have a more pleasurable experience, in not having to cram their necks and constantly worry they’ll miss some exciting visual spectacle.

The show was well-structured, and clearly also well-crafted and executed. Notes were transformed into different values, marine creatures appeared from thin air, and crowd participation levels were extremely high throughout the whole night.

Luke Hocking‘s charmed and charming show is a refreshing change of atmosphere and a unique contrast to the usual entertainment available around Melbourne. Impossible Occurrences will be performed every Friday night until September 5 at the Marriott Hotel, corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition Streets. Make sure you book in advance for performances, as there is only limited seating available: